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002: Pneumonia

Updated: May 16, 2021

Video: Richard Ii • Music & Soundscape: Kristopher Dirk Gee

Train travel has been a large part of my life. It's my preferred mode of transport, and far superior in terms of safety and efficiency than cars or planes. Plus, depending on the train system, it's very comfortable and makes going from one place to another into an actual "journey" in the truest sense of the word. Even commuting to work by train allows time to read or for contemplation as you stare out the window to avoid looking at the people around you. Unlike cars and planes, where you're essentially stuck in a can, you can read and contemplate the view outside if you don't feel like looking at the people around you.

Travel as Escape

Travel changes as you get older. I credit it with some of my peak experiences in life; but when it becomes an addiction, you realize that you're actually trying to escape. Whether it's your own demons or a version of yourself you want to forget, eventually they catch up to you. They have already booked tickets on the next flight and will be sitting at the bar waiting for you. Eventually, the real trip you have to make is one where you face yourself.

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