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001: Heresy

Updated: May 15, 2021

Video: Richard Ii • Music & Soundscape: Kristopher Dirk Gee

I once worked for a large "social media" company and we were essentially responsible for making this world into a more connected, horrible place that afforded no rest. You were now online 24/7, always in-touch and also completely alone.

Future History

I've had a fascination with alternative historical narratives since I was a kid. Thought experiments that considered the possibility of a different outcome for things we now see as the bedrock of our past. What if there had never been a moon landing? What if checkers had never been invented, or Mussolini had slipped in the bath when he was 12?

Everything Went to the Birds

Every dystopian movie that covers this subject matter always assumes it will be apes, or aliens that will finally be our undoing - taking the mantle of the stewards of this world. But why not the birds? They are intelligent, come in many different shapes and sizes and they can fucking fly. The text conversation contained in the video is near verbatim from an actual conversation I overheard during a break in the coffee room. It really bummed me out.

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